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The non-THC (<0.3%) Phytocannabinoid Diol Hemp Extract uses our cutting-edge liposomal delivery methods to increase absorption of this exceptional natural compound. Phytocannabinoid Diols help with pain management and feelings of relaxation.

Optimize Mind + Body

It utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves bioavailability of the oil. Our product is a Dietary Supplement containing industrial hemp extract derived from the whole hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits without the psychoactive effect or “high" traditionally associated with this type of botanical.

Immune Function

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body, primarily in the immune system and the structures associated with healthy immune functioning. With these cannabinoid receptor sites spread throughout our entire bodies, it is paramount these receptors are working properly to keep this important internal system functioning to protect you.

Proprietary Formula

This NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil is made with the highest quality hemp strains grown to strict organic standards that we can find. We use a super-critical whole plant extraction process that yields all of the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids and other natural compounds of the original plant. Our Hemp Oil is non-psychoactive and safe for daily consumption.

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In the last 12 months, a Google search for “Cannabidiol” currently produces 1,500,000 results! This movement is being called the "Gold Standard in Health & Wellness," and this company is catching the Hemp Oil wave of demand! Learn how sharing our incredible plant-based products can reward you for sharing the love!


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In an independent third party test against cannabinoid uptake, our hemp oil was absorbed in the blood in amounts three times as great at half the dose of the leading pharma brand. In fact, phospholipid therapy, using both injectable forms and oral forms, has a long and solid clinical history. Our liposomes bring the power of intravenous therapy into convenient oral delivery.

Unlike other liposomes on the market that use low grades of phospholipids, which breakdown and do not deliver compounds effectively, our high-phosphatidylcholine phospholipid mixes are smaller, more stable, and tightly distributed, single-layer spheres. Our vesicles are small enough to begin absorption as soon as they hit your mouth; it’s lightning fast!

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Up to 10xs MORE ABSORBING than other oils

Liposomal delivery brings the power of intravenous therapy into convenient oral delivery. Typical absorption of Phytocannabinoid Diol oil is poor, with only about 10% uptake in the GI tract. Liposomal encapsulation of compounds similar to Phytocannabinoid Diol have been shown to increase absorption five to ten fold. Our high-grade LIPOSOMAL Phytocannabinoid Diol outperforms other products thanks to smaller, more stable, single-layer spheres made from the highest-grade ingredients available.

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What makes a good Liposome?

Efficient Delivery

Liposomes are microscopic single-to multi-layer spheres made of phospholipids — the basic building blocks of cell membranes. We engineer these phospholipids to encapsulate compounds, in order to bypass the digestive processes that normally degrades or limits compound absorption.

Particle Size

Most nutraceutical manufacturers typically use cheap shear methods resulting in large particles (200–600nm) that absorb poorly. Most of our particle systems fall in the same 50–100nm range that pharmaceutical companies target.

Superior Chemistry

In addition to exceptional absorption rates, nano spheres like the ones produced by PrimeMyBody, have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients.